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Wright Nearly 14,000 Marines were wounded in action while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom; over 400 have experienced major limb amputations.

Sergeant John JonesGunnery Sergeant Nicholas Popaditch Jr and his father, Gunnery Sergeant Nicholas Popaditch Sr

In response to the urgent and large number of Marine and Navy Corpsmen who have been dramatically effected by combat wounds, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation established the Heroes Tribute Scholarship Program for Children of the Wounded

We are keenly aware of the struggles military families face, made all the more challenging if a parent is severely wounded in combat. By helping send the children of wounded Marines and Navy Corpsmen to college, the Scholarship Foundation empowers the next generation of leaders, honors their family's sacrifices, and strengthens America's workforce.

These scholarships have a major impact on Marine and Navy Corpsmen families, particularly those in which a parent has been killed or wounded in combat, and make a difference at a time when the ever-increasing cost of higher education significantly outpaces the average military family income.

We invite you to support the Heroes Tribute Scholarship Program for Children of the Wounded by making a gift to assist students currently of college age and the thousands eager to attend college or vocational institutions in the future.



Meet Some Of Our Scholarship Recipients

Our Children of the Wounded Scholarship recipients often seek a college degree to honor their parent as well as to secure a financial future for their family.

Haley Barber

Haley Barber

Dakota Meyer Scholarship in Memory of 1st Lt Michael Johnson USMC

School: Coastal Carolina Community College 
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Richlands, NC 

Marine Parent: Master Sergeant John T. Barber USMC (Ret.) served 20 years. His platoon took fire while conducting night operations in Nasiriyah, Iraq. While placing Marines in positions to return fire, MSgt Barber received numerous shrapnel wounds. During this incident, there were approximately 13 other Marines injured.

Hayley is anticipating her freshman year where she will study nursing. 

“Like most military families, my life has been shaped by both the absence and the presence of my father, a proud Marine. I hear his stories and know he has sacrificed and like many who have served, he has faced unique challenges including long separations and being wounded, from which he is physically healed but maybe carries scars that we will never see. I know that he and my Mom will continue to encourage me to make my future bright. My decision to further my academic career comes from observing those around me. It gives me motivation to attain a degree and a great job later on in life.”

Shelby McIntosh

Shelby McIntosh

Chicago Gravely Wounded Scholarship

School: Walsh University
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Akron, OH


Marine Parent: First Lieutenant Charles McIntosh began his career as a Navy Corpsmen and later became a Marine Corps Officer. During this forth deployment an IED hit his vehicle in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan. 1stLt McIntosh was medically retired in May 2012, after 12 years of service.

Shelby recently began her freshman year at Walsh University, where she is majoring in nursing. Shelby is an honors student and a member of the cheerleading squad. Shelby attributes her parents with inspiring her interest in the nursing profession. She says watching her parents have taught her the true meaning of honor, courage, and commitment.

I want to attend college and become a nurse so I too can help those wounded. I want to give back and do my part in somehow making returning easier.

Nick Popaditch Jr.

Nicholas A. Popaditch Jr.

Lockheed Martin Severely Wounded Warrior Endowed Scholarship

School: San Diego State University 
Major: Civil Engineering
Hometown: Chula Vista, CA
Marine Parent: Gunnery Sergeant Nicholas A. Popaditch, Sr.

Nicholas A. Popaditch, Jr. is the son of Gunnery Sergeant Nicholas A. Popaditch, Sr., who received the Silver Star and Purple Heart as a result of the wounds he sustained in combat. GySgt. Popaditch lost his right eye, hearing in his left ear, and his sense of smell when he was hit by an RPG while commanding a tank in Fallujah, Iraq. Upon his return home, Popaditch demonstrated the importance of a college education to his son by going back to school and obtaining a bachelor’s degree. 

In 2004, my father was wounded and blinded in combat. He came home and demonstrated overcoming adversity. My family and I learned from his example. I learned that hard work was the key to success, with no self-pity or excuses. I knew how lucky we were to have my father come home.”



News & Information

MBD and Dakota Meyer

The Dakota Meyer Scholarship Initiative

Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer is partnering with the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation to provide scholarships to children of the wounded, especially to those whose parent has been wounded in the last 10 years during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom and in Afghanistan.

To date, more than $1,000,000 has been raised, creating an endowment in honor of the Marines, Navy Corpsmen, and Afghanis who served with Sgt. Meyer. Additional information is available at

Medal of Honor Recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer, USMC (Ret.) Raises $1 Million to Educate the Children of Marines. Click here to read the press release.  


Scholarship Foundation Launches Wounded Marine Family Study with University of San Diego Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research

The Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research at the University of San Diego is partnering with the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation to conduct a study of the needs of children of service members, particularly Marines who have been seriously wounded in action. The study includes a systematic investigation of organizations, agencies, and programs that focus on providing support to these children, as well as identifying gaps and best practices of these support services. 

The findings from this research will be published in 2013. These findings will directly impact the Scholarship Foundation’s ability to better support children of seriously wounded Marines and Navy Corpsmen through post secondary education and job attainment. Our hope is that we can positively influence their personal and professional stability and success. 

To participate in the study, or for additional information, about the research project, please contact Dr. Mary Jo Schumann, Project Director, at 619-260-2918 or The Caster Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research at


Lockheed Martin Corporation Scholarship for the Severely Wounded

Each year, the Lockheed Martin Corporation provides scholarships benefiting the children of the severely wounded from all wars.

“We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the servicemen and servicewomen who have sacrificed so much to protect our nation. We are honored to partner with the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation to help give the children of our severely wounded Marines the opportunity to go to college.”
-Bob Stevens
 Chairman, President and CEO, Lockheed Martin Corporation


We invite you to support the Heroes Tribute Scholarship Program for Children of the Wounded by making a gift to assist students currently of college age and the thousands eager to attend in the future.

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